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Mosquito Free Yard

One female mosquito needs only a teaspoon of water to lay up to 300 eggs!

Mosquito Squad Barrier Treatments eliminate adult mosquitoes and prevent juveniles from maturing, but reducing and eliminating places water collects and where mosquitoes breed is pivotal to any successful control program.

Technicians work to identify these spots during each service visit, and treat areas where standing water is present.

Preventing water from collecting around your property is key, and Mosquito Squad recommends walking your property weekly to remove problem areas – just remember the “5 Ts”!


TIP – Tip and drain anything that holds rain or irrigation water
TOSS – Toss out/dispose of yard debris and trash that can collect water
TURN – Turn-over unused flower pots or vessels that collect water
TARPS – Tighten tarps to prevent water pooling in creases and folds
TREAT – When these steps aren’t enough, call in The Squad! to finish ’em off!

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