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Mosquito Squad pioneered the Protective Barrier Spray Treatment in 2005 to help protect outdoor lighting installers from getting eaten alive while they worked.

Yes, we are the original mosquito control company, and since then we’ve protected more than 100,000 yards, pools, patios, and playgrounds across the nation!

We’ve received thousands of thank you notes and rave reviews from customers for allowing them enjoy their backyards without having to worry about mosquito bites, but we’re more than that. We’re The Squad, protecting families locally and globally from the nuisance and dangers of mosquitoes.

Our mantra: Passion. Service. Education. Giving.

We approach each day with a passion to excel in every capacity possible, delivering professional service and high quality results that ensure our clients get the value they deserve and can enjoy their outdoor spaces bug-free.

We educate consumers worldwide with strong messages on how to protect themselves from biting insect and arachnid pests, and make the world a safer place through giving, helping raise funds to eliminate malaria in sub-Saharan Africa through our partnership with Malaria No More. Their efforts help educate mothers and their children on mosquito-borne illness, and provide tests, treatments and protective bed nets.

Fight the Bite!

Mosquito Squad of Tarrant County has served Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding area since 2015. Licensed and regulated by the Texas Department of Agriculture, every product we use is EPA registered and our proprietary treatment formula is GUARANTEED to deliver the best results available.

We provide mosquito elimination and outdoor pest control solutions for ants, wasps, fleas, flies, ticks, beetles and spiders. We also install and service automatic mosquito misting systems, have All Natural options available, and offer Special Event Services to keep your outdoor party bite-free.

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